The Linen Bank, Dumfries

The Linen Bank, Dumfries

A former bank, and originally a restaurant, located on Queensbury Street in Dumfries town centre, is the subject of the newest contract for Creetown Initiative.

A Unique Creative Community Space

The Linen Bank is a 5 storey B-Listed building, latterly owned by Dumfries and Galloway Council Housing Services and has been identified by not-for-profit organisation, The Guild, as a potential venue for a new community initiative. The Guild is seeking to support makers, producers, crafters and artists in Dumfries and Galloway, by developing a unique creative community space at The Linen Bank in Dumfries town centre. This multi-purpose venue will provide studio spaces, workshop opportunities, a retail area, office spaces and potentially also a meaningful eatery, all promoting creativity, collaboration and community inclusion. Above all, it will be a permanent space for the community and makers alike to meet, learn, participate, create and flourish.

Feasibility Study

Creetown Initiative is carrying out a Feasibility Study to assess and test potential future options for The Linen Bank building. The study will assess the feasibility of The Guild acquiring The Linen Bank via an asset transfer from Dumfries and Galloway Council and developing the building into a creative workspace for members of The Guild and for other creative partners, both individuals and groups.

The Guild, Dumfries is a Community Benefit Company formed in April 2018, with a thriving membership of businesses, “Friends of The Guild” and volunteers. Over the past two years The Guild has developed a successful street “Makers Market” in Dumfries town centre for makers, crafters, artists and food and drink producers and has also delivered pop up shops, including a programme of creative workshops, talks, tours, demos and activities, in addition to the opportunity for makers and creatives to showcase and sell their work.

The momentum gathered by The Guild’s activities and events has been largely impactful. Community consultations and open meetings have resulted in developing a longer-term aim of a permanent community space for makers, crafters, artists and producers and Creetown Initiative has been engaged to explore options, review and assess the viability of the proposed project.



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