Wheels4Creetown Car Hire

Creetown Initiative had a car hire scheme, Wheels4Creetown, available for local people, visitors to the village and also guests of Barholm Accommodation.

Wheels4Creetown Car Hire provided access to cars without the burden of ownership. It was perfect residents who only wished to drive occasionally and didn’t want the large costs and time involved in owning a car. It also proved a useful facility for families with one car, but who sometimes need a second car for a few hours or a day. Holiday makers to Creetown could also enjoy the convenience of hiring a car.

We had a choice of three cars:

Renault Grand Scenic – manual, diesel, 7 seater

Renault Clio Estate – manual, diesel, 5 seater

Renault Zoe – automatic, ELECTRIC, 5 seater.

All vehicles were available to use 24/7, 365 days a year for as little as 1 hour or as long as you want. The vehicles included a CD player and radio, and a port for you to connect your iPod or MP3 player. Membership was free and also provided access to every Moorcar car club vehicle across the UK.

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