Redevelopment of St Joseph’s Church into a Performing Arts Venue

Creetown Building Preservation Trust, assisted by Creetown Initiative, is delight to announce that funding has been secured for the full project costs to redevelop the former St Joseph’s Church, known locally as the “Band Hall”, into a Performing Arts Venue.

St Joseph’s, a B listed building, was deconsecrated as a church in 1998, and was purchased by the Creetown Silver Band, who use the building as a rehearsal, tuition and storage space. St Joseph'sThe Creetown Silver Band, which was founded in 1880, has a dedicated membership of over 30 amateur musicians, however the current configuration of the building, disrepair and poor state of facilities means that it is impossible for the band to expand further, reach new members and increase their tuition output. Consequently the band donated the hall to the Creetown Building Preservation Trust, to work together to restore St Joseph’s Church and establish it as a Performing Arts Venue for the community of Creetown, other arts groups and the wider area of Dumfries and Galloway. The redevelopment of the building will provide many benefits to locals, community groups and visitors alike, whilst conserving an historical community building at risk of becoming derelict and an eyesore.

Skills Development, Creative Workshops, Performances, Volunteering, Music Tuition

Once the Arts Performance Venue opens, there will be skills development opportunities for young people in creative activities, volunteering and musical training, a wide range of events and skills development for all the community and an extensive programme of events will be organised, with professional musicians, artists, comedians, bands and production companies. The function of the building will be extended, establishing a facility that can be used all year round and it will encourage visitors to Creetown to sustain and further develop the local economy.

Performance Space

The redeveloped church will see the installation of a performance area with stage lighting, raked, retractable seating, acoustically designed tuition rooms, in addition to fully accessible amenities and a full repair to the fabric of the building, transforming it into a high quality arts venue. Building works will commence at the beginning of 2019.

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