Mossburn Community Farm Site Visit

Mossburn Community Farm

Two staff members from Creetown Initiative were invited to visit Mossburn Community Farm, its Directors, Volunteers and Staff, to ascertain whether Creetown Initiative can provide support that will assist the charity’s long-term future.  Mossburn Community FarmLocated just south of Lochmaben, east of Dumfries, Mossburn Community Farm was set up in 1990, initially providing help for misused, abused, unwanted and neglected horses and ponies and the charity has since widened its remit to include all domestic animals, except dogs, cats and donkeys.

The group has existed for thirty two years and in this time have provided safe refuge for thousands of animals, many rescued from mistreatment. The charity also provides volunteering opportunities and support for people suffering mental and health issues, including their “Learning with Horses” – a form of Equine Therapy putting people and horses together that can help people suffering from a variety of conditions – which has 6 sessions per week and there are opportunities for special needs groups, currently once per week.

Mossburn Community FarmThere is a sense that the charity fixes both animals and people and as such is a valuable resource not just for Dumfries and Galloway but for the wider region.

Creetown Initiative will analyse findings from the site visit and research carried out, to establish whether we can provide support for this fantastic charity in the future.

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