Annan Day Centre

Annan Library

Creetown Initiative has been engaged to work with Annan Day Centre to establish the viability of the Day Centre moving premises into the former library in Annan, on Charles Street.

Currently Annan Day Centre operates out of Market Hall, however the former library on Charles Street offers a dedicated stand-alone site with good parking and potential garden area, and the site is on one level, so access would be good. The site would be safe, it would be operated solely as a day centre and would be easier to manage and therefore be more sustainable, which would mean the future of the Day Centre would be more secure.

The library is owned by Dumfries and Galloway Council who will sell the site to Annan Day Centre for £1 as an asset transfer, so the next step is to evidence that there is support from the community for this project, which Creetown Initiative are supporting this group to carry out consultations.

We have also designed a new logo for the group.

Annan Day Centre Logo


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