Fantastic Feedback for Ferry Friends!

Our Ferry Friends project has received some fantastic feedback for project work and services carried out during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The world continues to be a strange place but we are getting back to something more normal. The last fifteen months have been difficult for everyone but for those older members of the community, particularly those without family living close, it’s been particularly hard.

Stepping Up

Our Ferry Friends project which supports the elderly members of the Kirkmabreck Parish, has really stepped up to assist those in need.

Whilst the delivery of the normal activities has been curtailed since March 2020, Ferry Friends iPadDianne and Angie have found other ways to keep in touch with everyone, offering online activities, goody bags, delivering meals, general support and friendship to all the members. They have also been picking up doctor and vet prescriptions and on occasion taking people to doctor or hospital appointments.

Following successful funding applications, the project was able to buy iPads so that Ferry Friends members were given the opportunity to stay connected during the pandemic. The devices have been distributed amongst the members along with some training and support to those who aren’t familiar with technology. The iPads have been invaluable in keeping everyone connected and have allowed people to enjoy online music, quizzes, bingo, online coffee mornings and chats each week. This technology not only allows our members to connect with Dianne and Angie and other Ferry Friends members but with their family and friends – which has been so crucial during this time.

Big Thank You to Funders

Our Ferry Friends project started two and a half years ago and is undoubtedly a massive success, much of which is down to our two fabulous project workers, Dianne and Angie. Thanks however, must also be given to those organisations who have funded our project over this time, without them we wouldn’t have been able to deliver the activities and support that we have.

So a BIG THANKS to The National Lottery Community Fund, SSE, Dumfries & Galloway Council, The Robertson Trust, Edwards Trust, Kilgallioch Community Benefit Fund, Foundation Scotland, and Connecting Scotland.

Dianne and Angie have received some amazing feedback from Ferry Friends members and from families who all appreciate the support. We’d like to share some of the notes that we’ve received, and thank those who took the time to get in touch.
Vital Link

“Ferry Friends have provided a vital link in the care of my father and mother.

As a family we live over 400 miles away and with the recent pandemic restrictions we have been unable to visit my parents and relied heavily on Ferry Friends for daily updates. Both Angie and Diane have gone above and beyond the necessary, they have become extended members of our family and for their care and compassion we will always be in their debt.

From delivering lunches, medicine, running errands and taking my Dad and Mum to appointments, to making suggestions for activities, care contacts and even providing an iPad and helping an 86 and 92 year old master the difficulties of FaceTime! Always cheerful, always time to chat with both Dad and Mum as well as the family. Sadly our parents have dementia but they remember Angie and Diane and love being involved in Ferry Friend events.

Nothing prepares you for becoming your parents’ carer and sometimes the challenges are overwhelming but a call to Ferry Friends and we are back on track with ideas and suggestions and we’re able to enjoy this new phase in our lives and adjust to the changes in the lives of our parents with patience and enthusiasm.”

Every Town Should have a Ferry Friends!

“Ferry Friends are fantastic! A year or so before Covid my elderly parents used to be out and about every day, visiting tea rooms and cafes, having lunch or getting sandwiches to eat by the sea.   The family, who all live far from Creetown, were reassured that at least they were having something substantial to eat every day and they had company. We had started to become concerned about their ability to cook safely for themselves so when Ferry Friends started delivering meals during the week, this was a great relief. It also meant they were being seen and checked on – in the kindest possible way!   We had prompt communication from FF as soon as they had concerns about how Mum & Dad were coping. Because of this we were able to contact the doctors and social services to assist them in staying in their own home.

During Covid this support has been even more important. The regular contact, the food deliveries, the friendly chat and all the other assistance e.g. dropping off medicines, has been absolutely invaluable. Being able to rely on Ferry Friends has been a godsend.   Mum and Dad appreciate how lucky they are to live in such a caring community with this sort of support on the doorstep and the family appreciate this just as much.

Every town should have a Ferry Friends! Thank you so much, without your help we are sure that our parents would by now be in a care home, but with your support and care they are enjoying the end of the days in the home they have shared together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Heartfelt Thank You

“Who would have thought the world would come to a standstill and our lives changed overnight. But here in Creetown we have lovely Ferry Friends. Dianne and Angie stepped outside the box and gave us their best in care, kindness and love for which we are truly grateful. A big heartfelt thank you to you both. We look forward to new ventures with you and Ferry Friends.”

Seen me through some Dark Days

“My sincere thanks for all your support and kindness during these past months. Meals delivered, prescriptions collected, gifts and flowers, and doorstep chats with a smile have seen me through some dark days. I’m looking forward to the next phase with ‘Ferry Friends’ and meeting up with old friends.”

See You Soon!

“Thank You! Just a note to say thank you for delivering all those meals over the last year. See you soon at Ferry Friends, I hope”

Interested? Get in touch!

If anyone is interested in joining Ferry Friends please contact Dianne or Angie on 01671 820654 or email

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