Adamson Square, Creetown

Creetown Adamson Square

In an exciting remodelling exercise, internationally renowned sculptor Hideo Furuta was commissioned to work with Solway Heritage’s Landscape Architect, Nic Coombey, to develop our Town Square in 2005. Creetown Initiative worked with Hideo and the community to develop a design which reflected the culture and history of the village through the eyes of the locals.Hideo Futura Creetown

We worked with Creetown Primary School to identify topics important to the village and these were hand carved by Hideo into a granite sphere. For Hideo, the placing and relationship between the geometric shapes of the clock tower, stage and sphere were to define the Square ensuring that the objects and spaces between them were of equal importance. The design and materials used in the Square relate to the distinct heritage of the area: silver granite, flowing Cree and tall stake net poles.

The village square is of great importance to the community, providing a focal point for events and generating a sense of community and pride of the village. Hideo, who had become part of the village community, very sadly passed away suddenly in 2007, however his legacy will last for many generations to come.

We held a fantastic opening ceremony for the the new Adamson Square, with performances from performing arts group Ocean All Over.Ocean All Over

Ocean All Over Alex Rigg

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